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Hassle-Free Lawn Care

Are you tired of dragging heavy hoses across your lawn? Let Living Waters Lawn and Landscape help make your lawn care hassle-free. Our experienced team can help you conserve water while saving you time and money.

Quality Irrigation Installation

Wouldn't it be nice to invest in a solution to make irrigating your lawn hassle-free? Our irrigation experts at Living Waters Lawn and Landscape can help you automate this process. Not all lawns are the same and therefore should not be treated as so. Our expert team will consider several factors before choosing a sprinkler system that is right for you. The type of soil, land topography, local weather, and water quality will all be considered when selecting your sprinkler system. At Living Waters Lawn and Landscape, we will design and install an irrigation system based on your specific landscape needs.

We Offer Installation, Maintenance, And Repair

Sprinkler systems once installed can be relatively low-maintenance, but they do need periodic maintenance and repair from time to time. Sprinkler systems can save a lot of time in landscape care, and just a little ongoing maintenance can go a long way in keeping your system running smoothly from year to year. Whether you need an irrigation design or maintenance and repair, we have the experience and expertise to handle the job.

Some of Our Landscape Design Features

Living Waters Stone wall

Natural Stone
Walls & Stairs

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Living Waters Irrigation

Sprinkler & Irrigation

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Living Waters Outdoor Lighting


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Water Features

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Living Waters Natural Stone Patio

Patios & Walkways

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Column Rock Features

Learn more about our column rock features.