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Spiders & Insects

Whether you are looking for a one-time or a regularly scheduled pest control service, at Living Waters Lawn and Landscape, we have you covered. We offer a pest control management program that will stop pests in their tracks. Our program provides safe and effective pest control to rid your home and landscape of pests such as spiders and insects.


Has your lawn seen better days and need a little help from the experts? Whatever the case may be, our specialists at Living Water Lawn and Landscape are here to help. We can help you start enjoying your lawn and spend less time working on it.

Weeds can be considered a pest and are damaging to your lawn or landscape. Weeds have the ability to grow almost anywhere when conditions are right. It is important to understand the lifecycle of a weed for prevention and management. There are three types of weeds: annuals, biennials, and perennials. Management for each type of weed is different. If you don't keep up on weed control, they can invade your lawn or landscape in a blink of an eye. At Living Waters Lawn and Landscape, we have a weed management and fertilization program to help make your lawn green, lush, healthy, and weed-free.

Our weed management services aren't just for your lawn. We can spray for weeds in your gravel areas, flower beds, and your driveway.


Do you have a fungus problem? Fungus can present itself as brown patches, mushrooms, slimy areas, and spots on individual leaf blades. Killing lawn fungus can be tricky. Lawn fungus has a lot to do with the overall health of your lawn and soil. You can keep your lawn and soil healthy by fertilizing regularly, dethatch, aerate, and apply a fungicide. Our regular maintenance program can help fight fungus before it starts. 

Fungus also grows on trees and can look a couple of different ways. You may see abnormal growth, discoloration, wilting of leaves, or growths on the bark. Fungal disease can be harmful to trees and should be taken care of and not left unmanaged. This is where Living Waters Lawn and Landscape comes in. We can take care of it all for you by keeping your lawn and trees healthy and spraying for fungus.