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Experience You Can Trust!

Living Waters Lawn and Landscape is a licensed and insured landscaping company located in Clarkston Washington. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise in landscape services and design. Our team is highly reliable and focused on exceptional customer service. We will work hard on your landscape so you can spend more time enjoying summer! Living Waters Lawn and Landscape services will keep your lawn and landscape green and clean!

Full-Service Lawn Care Service

Our full-service lawn care program keeps your lawn and landscape looking its very best all year long. This full-service program includes our five-step lawn fertilization application that will jumpstart your lawn in the spring, fertilize throughout the summer and finally winterize in the fall. Also included in this service is pruning. Pruning is important in keeping your shrubs, bushes, and trees looking their best. To complete our full-service program, we offer pest control. Our pest control provides a safe and effective way to rid your home and landscape of pests such as spiders and insects.

Our Full-service Lawn Care Includes:


Lawn Fertilization

We have developed a 5 step fertilization program designed for our climate conditions to ensure you are left with a healthy green lawn. Our first application is a crabgrass pre-emergent and liquid fertilizer to jump-start growth and control unsightly crabgrass. Second, Third and Fourth applications consist of granular fertilizer with broadleaf weed control to keep the unwanted weeds away. Our fifth application is our Winterizer formula, It maximizes root growth, helps to keep your lawn greener longer, and strengthens the plant to fight winter problems. 



We offer a complete shrub and ornamental tree pruning program that is done twice a year. The first prune is generally done June through August to maintain the new season's growth and increase the plant's vigor. The second prune is generally done from December through February, this is when more aggressive pruning is completed to maintain the desired size and shape of your shrubs. 


Pest Control

We offer a variety of programs designed for customers who do not want to worry about the different annoying pests and problems that eat and destroy their expensive landscape. Our pest control services include lawn, shrub, and ornamental treatments for insects, ants, yellow jackets, aphids, and more. We use Eco-friendly products that are safe for children and pets

Lawn Care Maintenace Add-Ons



Once your lawn has come out of dormancy it's time to have it power raked. This process removes the decayed thatch from your lawn allowing water and nutrients to reach the root zone more effectively.  After the power raking is complete, we hand rake and remove all the dead grass from your lawn and finish off with a mow to jump-start the spring growth.



Aeration of your lawn consists of perforating the grass with spikes that remove a small core of soil. This allows water, nutrients, and air into the soil and root zone of your lawn. This helps the roots to grow deeper and stronger resulting in a more vigorous lawn.


Fungus Control

If you are wondering if you have a fungus problem, our team can come to diagnose and treat the problem. In most instances, it is much easier to prevent fungal growth than try to fix it, either way, we have you covered.

Cleaning up leaves

Leaf Clean-Up

Put your rakes away, let Living Waters Lawn and Landscape do the racking for you. We will come and rake fallen leaves and haul them away.


Snow Removal

When the snow flies, we can help. In the winter we offer snow removal for both our residential and commercial customers. 


Routine Ground Maintenance Service

With the routine grounds maintenance program, we pull and spot spray for weeds, pick up the garbage and perform general clean-up of your landscape beds to keep them looking their best all season. This service is done twice per month. In the fall we also do leaf clean-up as part of your contract.