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A Weed Free Lawn

Your lawn is a living, growing thing that needs ongoing cultivation in order to protect it from weed infestation. Weeds can enter your lawn from a variety of different sources, let Living Waters Lawn and Landscape, keep your lawn and landscape weed-free.

A Weed's Impact On Plant Growth

All weeds are not created equally, some are more destructive than others. But generally, all weeds have a negative impact on plant growth if left unmanaged. Not only do weeds look unsightly but they also deprive your plants of important nutrients and sunlight. Invasive weeds grow faster than most plants and quickly encroach and take up space. Lack of nutrients and weed encroachment makes your plant life more acceptable to insect infestation and disease.  

Expert Weed Control

Living Waters Lawn and Landscape has over 30 years of experience in landscape services. Achieving a beautiful weed-free lawn and landscape is easy when you rely on our professionals. Whether you want a complete landscape design or weed control, you will be completely satisfied with our work.